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A Day in the Life of a Trainee Pharmacist – Dionne’s Story – Day Lewis Pharmacy

A Day in the Life with Dionne, Trainee Pharmacist of the Year 2023, Day Lewis Awards

Our Trainee Pharmacists are the future of Day Lewis. They will become key pillars of the local communities we serve, often becoming the first point of call for health concerns. Our trainee pharmacists join us after completing their MPharm degree at their chosen university. We caught up with our trainee pharmacist Dionne from our Wellingborough pharmacy.

What does your day typically consist of?

My day usually starts with a nice cup of tea with the team before the pharmacy opens. Once we get going its great to see our patients and provide advice or answer questions, whether that’s on prescription medication, health concern, a minor ailment or one of the seven common conditions as part of the new pharmacy first scheme.

Interacting with patients has given me a deeper understanding the vital role that pharmacists play in the lives of patients. Working at Day Lewis and part of the team has improved my confidence.

As a Trainee Pharmacist, my job involves clinically checking prescriptions & assembling monitored dosage system trays under the supervision of the pharmacist. Checking for drug interactions and appropriate doses and dose calculations where necessary.

There are occasions where I have contacted the prescriber with the support of the pharmacist to suggest an adjustment or alternative to the dose or medication. This has helped strengthen my communication skills, build relationships with other healthcare professionals, and put into practice my clinical knowledge.

The services I am involved in:

As a trainee pharmacist, I have involvement in a wide range of services including, flu services, contraception services, discharge medicine services, New Medicine Services (NMS), the Community Pharmacist Consultation Service (CPCS), Hypertension case-finding and Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring service and even the newly introduced Pharmacy first service as these are integral components of my professional responsibilities.

As my foundation training progresses, I feel more confident in delivering these services. These services align with my professional commitment to improving patient outcomes. I feel like I can contribute meaningfully to public health and patient care while continuously developing my clinical skills and knowledge.

My learning journey so far:

Being actively engaged in our pharmacy services has been instrumental in my professional development, providing me with a diverse skill set and fostering continuous learning. These services allow me to develop and refine my clinical abilities, particularly in medication management and patient counselling, through hands-on experiences that enhance my clinical competency. Moreover, collaborating with other healthcare professionals during clinical consultations, such as coordinating the need for blood pressure medication post-ABPM service, has highlighted the importance of effective communication and teamwork in optimising patient outcomes. Additionally, these experiences have heightened my awareness of public health issues, further emphasising the significance of community well-being. Overall, these valuable experiences contribute to my growth as a competent pharmacist poised to serve the community effectively.

Why I chose to be a trainee pharmacist at DL?

At Day Lewis Pharmacy, I am fortunate to have a robust support system that enables

collaboration, learning, and professional growth. From experienced pharmacists who serve as mentors to my supportive colleagues at Wellingborough pharmacy who readily offer assistance, I am surrounded by a team dedicated to excellence in patient care. Whether facing complex clinical scenarios or navigating new challenges, I can rely on my colleagues and supervisors to provide encouragement, advice, and constructive feedback, creating a positive and empowering environment for me to thrive in my role as a trainee pharmacist.

My fellow trainee pharmacists and our foundation training manager, Ade, have been invaluable sources of support throughout my journey as a trainee pharmacist. Their guidance and encouragement have played a significant role in my learning and development thus far. I am confident in their unwavering support, knowing that they will continue to be a reliable network whenever I need assistance.

My proudest moment at Day Lewis

Reflecting on my foundation training at Day Lewis so far, one of my proudest moments occurred at the company’s annual awards evening, where I won the award of Trainee Pharmacist of the Year. Being amidst such a talented cohort of trainees, it was truly an honour to be recognised.

Furthermore, our team at Wellingborough Pharmacy received regional titles in two categories: Pharmacy Services and Pharmacy Team of the Year, marking an exceptionally proud occasion for us with three award wins.

What is next for me?

Post-qualification, my aspirations lean towards assuming a leadership role within the pharmacy field. Additionally, I am keen on pursuing the independent prescribing course or indulge in some travelling!



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Author: Rachna Chhatralia MRPharmS

Author: Rachna Chhatralia MRPharmS

Superintendent Pharmacist
GPHC number: 2045909

Rachna brings over 25 years of experience to her role as Superintendent. She qualified as a pharmacist at the London School of Pharmacy and has been working for Day Lewis since 2002. Her career is distinguished by a commitment to excellence in patient care, a deep understanding of pharmacy operations and a proactive approach to healthcare management.

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