At Day Lewis we offer a wide range of vaccinations for you and your family. Whether you need vaccinations for travel or from flu, we have you covered.

Chicken Pox Vaccine

The chickenpox vaccine is given as 2 separate injections, usually into the upper arm, 4 to 6 weeks apart.

Hepatitis A Vaccine

Hepatitis A is a viral infection which affects the human liver. This is commonly ingested through contaminated food or water in countries where safe access to sanitised food and water is limited.

Hepatitis B Vaccination

Our hepatitis vaccine can provide protection against the virus for people at high risk.

Human Papillomavirus Vaccine

The Human Papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine protects against some forms of cancers.

Japanese Encephalitis Vaccine

The Japanese encephalitis vaccine usually consists of 2 injections, with the second dose given 28 days after the first. You will need to have the second dose a week before you travel. The vaccine is said to protect 9 out of 10 people.

Meningitis Vaccine

Our pharmacies offer the meningitis vaccination as a private service. Visit or call your local Day Lewis Pharmacy today.

MMR Vaccine

Anyone who has not had 2 doses of the MMR vaccine should get the vaccination.

NHS & Private Flu Jab Service

Vaccination is key, as even the fittest and healthiest people can catch and spread the flu virus.

Pneumonia Vaccine Service

The vaccine used will protect you against 13 of the most common strains of bacteria that cause pneumonia.

Rabies Vaccine

Rabies is a rare viral disease that can be caught by a bite or scratch from an infected, warm-blooded animal, usually a dog. It is a serious infection of the brain and nerves, and therefore a vaccine is recommended.

Shingles Vaccination

Shingles can be a very painful and uncomfortable rash on one side of your body. The pain can sometimes continue even after the initial rash has healed, even lasting for years.

Tick Borne Encephalitis Vaccine

Tick-borne encephalitis (TBE) is an infection that effects the nervous system, caused by tick bites. The infected tick spreads the virus through their saliva. Ticks that spread it are found in most of Europe, Asia, some parts of the UK and Russia.

Typhoid Vaccine

There are two main vaccines for typhoid fever. One is given as a single injection, and the other is given as 3 capsules to take on alternate days. It’s also possible to have a combined hepatitis A and typhoid jab.

Yellow Fever Vaccine

There is a vaccine that can stop you from contracting yellow fever if you are travelling to an area where the infection is prevalent. As there is no cure for yellow fever, it is highly recommended to get vaccinated before travelling.