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Compeed Hydrocure Blister Med 5S

COMPEED Medium Blister Plasters provide instant pain relief. Whilst forming a protective cushion, the plaster absorbs excess moisture and provides optimum healing conditions for foot blisters.

-INSTANT PAIN RELIEF: Deep cushioning to relieve pressure and prevent painful rubbing FAST HEALING: hydrocolloid active gel technology creates an optimal healing environment for foot blisters.

-STAYS IN PLACE: adhesive, tapered edges so Compeed flexes with movement and won’t rub off.

-WATERPROOF, BREATHABLE & DISCREET: keeps natural moisture in and germs out, with translucent edges to help blend in with the skin COMPARED TO REGULAR PLASTERS.

-Compeed provides superior pain relief, better cushioning and is designed to stay in place. Handy, portable box.