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Deep Heat Warming Belts 2S


Deep Heat Warming Belt has four large heat cells which provide up to 12 hours of deep penetrating warmth to relieve muscular aches, pains and tension. This comfortable warming belt is non-stick and stretchy. It can be worn unnoticed under clothing as you go about your daily routine. Key Features of Deep Heat Warming Belt
-Odourless, non-stick pain relief with heat therapy
-Long-lasting, targeted relief from lower back and hip pain
-One size fits all. -Warnings: Consult a doctor before use if you have poor circulation, nerve damage, a skin condition or are pregnant.
-Supervision is required when being used by persons unable to apply/remove the product on their own.
-For delicate or ageing skin, wear a warming belt outside of clothing. Usage: Open the pouch to activate the warming belt.
-Place a warming belt on the affected area then wrap it around the waist and secure it with Velcro. Ensure that it is a snug fit so that there is contact between the heat cells and the skin.
-To remove unfastened velcro area.”