Flu Vaccinations


Impact of COVID-19 during flu season

With the circulation of COVID-19, it becomes even more pressing to ensure we all have our flu vaccine this year. The flu vaccine remains the most effective way to prevent flu, helping prevent excess pressure on our NHS during the winter period.

To allow us to continue providing services, we have done all we can to ensure the safety of both our patients and our colleagues. Our pharmacists will look different from previous years as they will be wearing a mask and a visor, along with other personal protective equipment.

Find your local pharmacy

To book your flu vaccine, please contact your local pharmacy.*

Phamacy Finder: https://www.daylewis.co.uk/pharmacyFinder.php

*subject to availability

Help us help you

For us to help you this flu season, please do the following:

- Arrive on time for your appointment

- Wear a short-sleeved t-shirt or top (coats can be placed on your lap)

- Wear a mask or suitable face covering

Bookings for the service can be taken over the phone or in person.

Flu for Business

Unfortunately we have now closed our bulk business flu offering, but if any individuals want to be vaccinated at our pharmacies, please contact the pharmacy directly to arrange.

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