Foundation Pharmacist Programme

Foundation Pharmacist Programme

The Day Lewis Foundation Pharmacy Framework is designed to support Pharmacists through the first 1000 days since qualification.

The transition from trainee to professional, from structured teaching to self development, from being a group member to becoming a group leader can be very challenging. This programme is designed to help support you through the potentially difficult period of your early career within the Day Lewis Organisation.

There are three overarching themes that make up the Day Lewis Foundation Programme.

  1. Professional Development

  2. Business and Management Development

  3. Interpersonal and Leadership Development

The programme will consist of 4 meetings a year for three years, during which time providing you with the opportunity to:

- Build on your professional knowledge and competency.

- Network with both internal & external colleagues.

- Have a platform to discuss problems.

- Develop a greater understanding of the business.

- Develop a comprehensive understanding of both NHS and non NHS financial drivers.

- Introduce management and interpersonal skills.

- Help shape the programme going forward.

- Provide the tools to transition into a Pre Reg tutor following the completion of the 3rd Year.

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