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Gender Pay Gap Report 2021/22


Day Lewis Plc was founded by the late Kirit Patel MBE and his brother JC Patel in 1975, the Group remains a family-owned entity today, having grown from one pharmacy in Southborough to owning and managing over 260 pharmacies in the UK today. Day Lewis employs over 2500 people and has a major presence in the South of England, from Cornwall to Greater London.

The success of the group has been largely attributed to its employees and its organisational culture. The company’s core purpose is “To help people in the community stay healthy and feel better”. Further, the Group has a strong set of core values which are:

  • To keep our caring family culture
  • To look after our customers
  • To be disciplined and professional
  • To be different through innovation
  • To reward, recognise and empower
  • To have fun

At Day Lewis we recognise and actively encourage the benefits of having a diverse workforce across our business.

In 2018, for the first time UK Companies with over 250 employees have to report on their gender pay gap.


The gender pay gap shows the difference between the average (mean or median) earnings of men & women regardless of the nature of their work – It looks across the entire company.  It can be influenced by the different number of men and women across all roles.

Gender and Bonus Pay Gap

The median pay gap is calculated by listing all male employees hourly pay rates and taking the rate in the middle of the list.  The same is done for female employees & then the median gender pay gap is the difference in pay between these two rates.

The other measure is the mean gender pay gap which shows the difference in the average hourly rate of pay between men & women.

Our Results – Pay – Hourly Rate










Median Pay gap







Mean pay Gap








A similar calculation to the one carried out for pay- hourly rates is done for bonus payments.  The results are as follows –

16.7%                                                                30.5%

Median                                                           Mean

The proportion of men and women employed who received a bonus

78.9%                                                               81.4%

Men                                                                Women


This is the proportion of Male and Female colleagues in each pay quartile.


Lower Quartile


 32% 68%

Lower Middle Quartile


 26% 74%

Upper Middle Quartile


 21% 79%

Upper Quartile


 38% 62%



The main driver behind the Gender Pay Gap is that at Day Lewis Plc we have a higher representation of females (over 72%) in pharmacy in roles such as pharmacy technicians and pharmacy assistants. We employ around 340 pharmacists with an equal number of men and women.

We are pleased that the gap comparing this year to the previous year has not grown significantly and some of the measures show some improvement.  Our results compare favourably with other companies in the pharmacy sector.

We at Day Lewis Plc have always been proud to champion equality and diversity with our business. We remain committed to identifying talent and developing all our colleagues both male and female. Day Lewis continues to be an employer of choice for females wanting to work in the pharmacy sector and many of our colleagues have been rewarded for long service and loyalty.

I confirm that the information contained within this report is accurate.

Raymond Barclay

Head of HR