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Hedrin All in One Shampoo is a head lice treatment that combines all aspects of treating head lice into one simple-to-use product. This shampoo treatment contains ingredients that help to kill lice and make removing eggs much easier. There is no nasty odour to this shampoo, and it does not contain any pesticides, which the lice could become immune to. This product includes shampoo as well as a comb.

Hedrin Once Spray Gel is a fast, easy-to-use solution for treating head lice. This gel works by smothering the lice in the solution, which causes them to suffocate. This gel also contains Penetrol which penetrates the eggs to kill them. Because no pesticides are used in this gel, lice will not build immunity to it.

What is the cause of head lice?
Head lice are caused by direct contact with someone who has them. Because children are most likely to have direct contact with each other, they are most at risk of having a head lice infestation. Head lice can also spread by certain items being shared. These include:

Upholstery furniture
Despite what some may believe, head lice are not more likely to occur because of dirty hair or poor hygiene.

Who is this head lice treatment suitable for?
This treatment is suitable to be used by adults and children aged 6 months and over. It should not be used by anyone who is allergic to the ingredients contained in the gel.

Can someone who is pregnant or breastfeeding use this spray gel?
There is no reason why anyone who is pregnant or breastfeeding cannot use this treatment to get rid of head lice. However, it is recommended that anyone who is pregnant or breastfeeding consults a medical professional for advice before using.

How should Hedrin Once Spray Gel be used?
If one member of the family has head lice, then it is recommended that everyone else is checked before using. Before using, cover the shoulders with a towel. Shake the bottle and then hold it about 10cm from the hair. Make sure that all of the hair is sprayed enough to cover it in the gel. After applying, use your hands or a comb to spread the gel through the hair. Leave it on for 15 minutes. Apply shampoo to the hair without wetting it and then rinse off with water. Repeat this, and then apply conditioner before rinsing the hair and drying it. If necessary, repeat the process for thick hair.

Are there any side effects?
Any side effect of using this gel is most likely to be a result of an allergic reaction. If you notice a side effect, stop using and speak to a doctor or Chemist 4 U pharmacist as soon as possible.