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Leukoplast Leukomed 5 Pcs- 5Cm X 7.2Cm

Leukoplast detectable are sterile finger dressings for minor wounds and puncture sites. They’re designed to be visible and detectable if lost, being blue and containing metal and x-ray detectable materials in the absorbent wound pad.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        -Bacteria barrier,Waterproof, Detectable and visible
Product benefits:
-Crossed-out stylized representations of bacteria to indicate that this product provides a reduced risk of contamination.
-Form a bacterial barrier; providing two-way protection against bacterial contamination and reducing the risk of secondary wound infection.
-Water droplets bouncing off a surface, indicating that the product is water-repellent.
-Waterproof and dirt repellent; which helps to protect the wound.
-A stylized magnifying glass to represent high visibility.
-Detectable and visible
-Air passing through the product, allowing the skin to breathe.
-Breathable and permeable to water vapour; helping to prevent maceration.
How to use Leukoplast strips:
1. Remove the protective film and hold the strip in one hand and peel off the upper protective film with thumb and index finger of the other.
2. Apply and remove the second protective film place the wound pad centrally on the wound. Make sure that you only touch the plaster on the protective film and the backside, never the wound pad itself. Remove the remaining protective film.3. Smooth out the dressing so that it adheres evenly. Apply only slight pressure and avoid tension. To increase the adhesive strength, you can warm the patch between the palms of your hands before applying it.