Other Business Activities

In addition to running over 250 pharmacies, Day Lewis is involved in several other business activities. From managing Harrods pharmacy to supplying medical centres in remote locations with pharmaceutical products, all activities have been undertaken with the aim of expanding the company’s reach within the healthcare industry.

Harrods Pharmacy


Day Lewis Pharmacy is proud to have a concession in Harrods, one of the world’s most famous department stores in Knightsbridge, London. The new pharmacy started trading on Monday 30th September 2013, on the lower ground floor of the building.

Under Day Lewis management, we have introduced several new services to cater to its unique customers. Some of which being; Mole Clinic, Wight Medic Clinic, Nutrional Advice, MedicSpot and many more.

Kirit Patel MBE, the founder and chief executive of Day Lewis, said “We are proud of our heritage as being a leading family business delivering innovative, professional pharmacy services in the communities we serve. There is no greater endorsement than being trusted to manage the Pharmacy in Harrods, a world renowned store.”

Wells Offshore

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