Motion Sickness

What is Motion Sickness (also known as Travel Sickness)?

Motion sickness (travel sickness) can make you feel sick to the stomach, queasy or even cause vomiting. Typically motion sickness occurs when travelling by car, boat, plane or train.

How to help motion sickness:

  • Sit in the front of a car or in the middle of a boat
  • Fresh air can help ease symptoms of motion sickness
  • Focus on your breathing when travelling
  • If you children have travel sickness try singing songs or listening to music
  • Sip on water and break up the journey to get fresh air
  • Ginger is known to help travel sickness (can be taken in tablet form)
  • Avoid reading and using electronic devices
  • Avoid looking at moving objects such as passing cars

There are range of motion sickness tablets that can help you combat that travel sick woozy feeling!  We have anti-sickness liquid and tablets, travel sickness bands and chewable tablets for children aged 4 plus. Our pharmacist will be able to recommend the best treatment for you or your child.

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