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AIR PURIFIER: This natural air purifier is proven to purify indoor air. 99.9% effective on bacteria, viruses, and mold in the air and surfaces

1, you can use Puressentiel’s Purifying Air Spray anywhere in the home, office, or car. What’s more, it’s suitable for asthma sufferers.

2 AIR FRESHENER: Not only proven as an active air purifier but also as a long-lasting signature fragrance, the Purifying Air Spray freshens your living areas, fabrics, carpets, bedding, and wardrobes. It also removes pet and other unwanted Odours, leaving a clean, natural, and uplifting aromatic scent.
NATURAL & PLANT-BASED ESSENTIAL OILS: As a 0% propellant gas and synthetic-free fragrance, Puressentiel’s Purifying Air Spray contains a patented blend of 41 pure and natural essential oils.
LONG LASTING: A 200ml will last a minimum of six months, using two sprays per day.
HOW TO USE: Without the need for an essential oil diffuser, plug-in air freshener, or bulky air purifier, Puressentiel’s Purifying Air Spray is propellant gas and aerosol free. Simply spray the room two times, pointing upwards. Wait 30 minutes for it to act, and then air the room.
PET & FAMILY FRIENDLY: Comprising 41 essential oils, Puressentiel’s Purifying Air Spray is ideal for all the family – including those who suffer from asthma and COPD. It’s even safe for your four-legged friends too.