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Sudocrem is an antiseptic healing cream that treats and soothes various skin conditions like nappy rashes, eczema, bed sores, and more.

Sudocrem is an antiseptic healing cream that treats and soothes various skin conditions like nappy rashes, eczema, bed sores, and more. The antiseptic cream consists of a water-repellent base that forms a protective film thus preventing the skin irritants like moisture, detergents, urine, and stools from coming in contact with the skin.

How will it treat symptom:-For nappy rash, Sudocrem is clinically proven to soothe and heal your baby’s delicate skin and works in three simple ways: an emollient soothes sore or inflamed skin; its ingredients are recognised for healing properties; and a mild local anesthetic helps to ease pain and irritation.
For other symptoms, the treatment provides gentle yet effective relief from cuts, grazes, minor burns, acne, and eczema. It works by forming a protective layer over the vulnerable area, reducing the risk of infection, and soothing discomfort.

Can I buy Sudocrem Over the Counter:-You do not need a prescription for Sudocrem, however, you will be asked to complete a short medical questionnaire by your Chemist-4-U pharmacist before we can take your order. This includes some simple questions that all pharmacies legally are required to ask before supplying this kind of product. This helps our pharmacy team to be sure that this product is the best choice for you.

What causes Nappy Rash:-Up to a third of babies and toddlers have nappy rash at any one time. It usually doesn’t develop in newborns, but all babies can get nappy rash.
Nappy rash can be caused by: Your baby’s skin being in contact with wee or poo (stools) for a long time
The nappy rubbing against your baby’s skin
Not cleaning the nappy area or changing the nappy often enough
Soap, detergent, or bubble bath
Alcohol-based baby wipes
Your baby recently taking antibiotics
There may be red patches on your baby’s bottom, or the whole area may be red. Their skin may look sore and feel hot to the touch, and there may be spots, pimples, or blisters.

What is the recommended dosage of this treatment: Sudocrem should only be used as directed. Apply the ointment conservatively to the affected area; massage in circular movements until it has been absorbed into the skin. It can be applied two to three times per day.

When should this product not be used: Do not use Sudocrem if you are allergic to any of the listed ingredients. This product is for external use only and should not be used on the inside of the mouth, rectum, vagina, or penis. If this cream comes into contact with dressings, clothing, bedding, or other fabric it can be easily ignited with a naked flame. Keep away from the fire while using this product.

Does Sudocrem cause any side effects: Minor side effects have been linked to this treatment, including irritation and allergic reaction. Symptoms may include:
Soreness where the cream is applied
Severe allergic reactions may result in swelling, redness, and the development of sore and itchy bumps. Should irritation occur, you should stop using it immediately and speak to your doctor. For more information about reporting side effects, see the MHRA’s Yellow Card Website.

Storage: Keep out of the sight and reach of children, do not store above 25 degrees. Keep in a cool dry place.