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Vamousse Treatment Mousse is a mousse that works to provide relief for a head lice infestation in the hair and scalp. The active ingredient in this mousse is isopropyl myristate. This works by removing the wax from the lice’s exoskeleton, causing them to dehydrate. Unlike other head lice treatments, the lice won’t build immunity to this treatment since it’s not poisonous. What causes a head lice infestation?
Head lice are contagious and can spread due to head contact between two people. This is most common in schools, where young children are often close to each other. This is why children are the most likely to end up with an infestation. Besides contact, sharing of items like combs, brushes, hats, headphones, and also towels can cause the spread of head lice. Dirty hair and poor hygiene do not cause an infestation but can make it worse.
Who is this mousse suitable for?
This mousse is suitable to be used by adults and children aged 2 and over. Anyone who is allergic to the ingredients that are contained in the mousse. If you are using any other form of medication, speak to a doctor or Chemist 4 U pharmacist before using this mousse.
Can someone who is pregnant or breastfeeding use this mousse?
Anyone who is pregnant or breastfeeding should consult a medical professional before using this Vamousse treatment.
How should Vamousse Head Lice Treatment Mousse be used?
Split the hair into 3-4 sections and shake the bottle before using. Apply the mousse to the hair thoroughly, paying particular attention to the back of the neck and the ears. Ensure that all of the hair is covered and then leave for 15 minutes to allow it to dry. Then, use the included comb and go through, removing all lice and eggs. If the hair dries during combing, apply more mousse. After combing, check for any missed lice or eggs. Re-comb the hair if necessary. Wash the hair as normal after completing the treatment.
Are there any side effects?
Any side effect will most likely be caused by an allergic reaction.