What are the side effects of the flu jab?

All medicines and vaccinations may cause side effects. The flu vaccine is no different. The vaccine itself is very safe and most people will not experience any side effects after their flu vaccination. If they do, they should clear up in a day or so.

Side effects tend to be mild, and they may be:

  • Raised temperature
  • Muscle aches
  • Feeling tired
  • Sore arm in the area where you vaccinated
  • Headache

It is completely normal after the jab for you to experience a mild fever or muscle ache for a day or so. If your arm is sore at the site of the vaccination, it is best to keep it moving and take a pain killer if needed.

Can I catch flu from the flu jab?

You can not catch flu from the flu jab. The flu vaccination contains inactive particles of the flu virus. If you catch the flu after the vaccination, then it is likely to be milder and not last as long.

Does the flu vaccination protect me against COVID-19?

The flu vaccination does not protect against coronavirus as it is a different type of virus. You can get a separate COVID-19 vaccination that prevents against coronavirus. However, it is still recommended that all adults get the flu vaccination to prevent getting the flu.

For your flu jab or more information about side effects, visit your local Day Lewis Pharmacy team today.

30th September 2022

Author name: Jemi



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